Eventually I'll include a map of France so you can see how the various regions relate to each other, but until then I'll organize my folktale translations in a more simplified manner.

I should also note that rather than attempting to translate folktales and legends from every region and district--historical and modern--of France, I'm going to be concentrating my efforts right now on collecting folktales from two of the more well-known regions. The first is Brittany, or Bretagne, a peninsula on the west coast of France which was settled by Celtic peoples and is thus stereotypically rich in myths, folktales, and legends. I am very happy to let that stereotype do most of my folktale-finding work for me. The second general region I will be mining folktales from is on the exact opposite side of France along its borders with Germany. Again, I've found that French and German folklorists have done a lot of work there, for reasons you might be able to guess. (Hello, Brothers Grimm and German romantics.) If you're interested in learning more about any of these topics, check the resources page.


Folktales from Bretagne/Brittany:

"Faeries in Upper-Brittany, France." Translated from the article "Fées en Haute-Bretagne," originally published in Le Magasin pittoresque in 1886.

From Lorraine:

"The Cursed Bridge of the Faeries Over the Vologne River (Vosges Mountains)." A hunter forgets his fairy godmother's advice and meets his match in an ondine.

From Alsace:

"The Nymph of Wangenbourg Castle." A maiden escapes her heartless husband through extraordinary means.

(patreon-exclusive) "The White Lady with the Green Slippers."

"The Faerie's Gift of Tears." A knight's lady learns the price of her parents' wish for a happy baby.

(patreon-exclusive) "The Green Hunter."

"The White Lady of Kœpfle Hill." Beware the mysterious lady with keys who guards hidden treasure.

"The White Lady of Hohenstein." If you didn't beware the other mysterious white lady with keys, then at least keep your promise to this one.

"The Silver Rose." In which the King of the Silver Dwarves falls in love with a damsel and offers her the key to the Gate between their worlds. As one does.

"The Enchanted Armies of Ochsenfeld." Here lie the sleeping armies of the traitorous sons of Louis the Debonaire, waiting for the end of their enchantment.


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